Our complimentary consultation consists of photos, X-rays, and dental impressions. Dr. Stewart will provide each patient with an INDIVIDUALIZED plan for orthodontic treatment that fits your specific needs and expectations.

  1. Will you choose to start your journey TODAY?
  2. Do you need more time for mouth development?
  3. Do you need some time to consider- NO problem!


We know those first 7 years flew by and you are probably thinking your child is too young to see an orthodontist. We can assure you that a visit NOW will be EXTREMELY beneficial in the long run. A few benefits of assessing your child’s mouth development around AGE 7 include:

  1. Guides jaws and facial growth
  2. Guide permanent teeth into a favorable position
  3. Opens the opportunity to perform orthodontic treatment in order to avoid future extractions.
  4. Starting around AGE 7 when necessary helps achieve better long-term results.
  5. Gives you an idea of the necessity of orthodontics in the future.

Not all patients will need to start treatment right away, but having a PLAN IS VERY IMPORTANT! If Dr. Stewart determines treatment is not necessary at this time, we will continue monitoring development until the best time.